07-1958 source:
architect: Ben Merkelbach 

09-2009 film: Orthochromatic 25

10-2010 digital

10-2010 film: Orthochromatic 25 

This part of Amsterdam (Eendrachtsparkbuurt; Geuzenveld) was built after World War II, when there was a lack of housing. In a short period of time five new districts were built: Geuzenveld, Slotermeer, Slotervaart, Osdorp and Overtoomse Veld. Due to the use of cheap materials in those days the houses are now in ruins.  A lot of them don’t have a central heating system, but only one gas heater, they’re full of mold, thin-walled and small. In short, they no longer fulfill the housing needs of the inhabitants.  Renovation and/or demolition is the only option to create better housing . 

The demolition of the postwar areas does not only change  the appearance of the city district, but also it fades away an era and erases memories of the houses and their inhabitants.  I cherish the clues from past days, and try to document them in my work.